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Spec Scripts

A selection of Philip's TV pilots


Sing Like A Canary

Musical Crime Comedy

A self-centred struggling actor finds new purpose solving the murder of his showbiz idol, armed only with a microphone that compels people to sing the truth.

The Last Hurrah

Cosy Crime Drama

Three lifelong friends facing an old-age of poverty resume their former gangster ways to steal from big houses in rural Kent. But when they try to rob a put-out-to-grass gangland boss, he muscles in on the racket.

Image by LSE Library
Image by Annie Spratt

Doctor Sharman's Dispensary

Heart-warming Victorian Medical/Social Drama

A courageous doctor puts his reputation, livelihood and marriage on the line to help those in desperate need.

Based on historical accounts.



Gritty Crime Drama

The fragile veneer of tolerance in an uptight, testosterone-fuelled, working-class community is threatened by the emergence of a serial male-rapist.

Image by Tandem X Visuals


Supernatural comedy drama

A government monster hunter, his ghost wife, their half-demon temp and alcoholic boss battle demons, goblins and political fiends.

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