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Spec Scripts

A selection of Philip's TV pilots

Sing Like A Canary

Musical Crime Comedy

A self-centred struggling actor finds new purpose solving the murder of his showbiz idol, armed only with a microphone that compels people to sing the truth.

Image by LSE Library
Image by Annie Spratt

Doctor Sharman's Dispensary

Heart-warming Victorian Medical/Social Drama

A courageous doctor puts his reputation, livelihood and marriage on the line to help those in desperate need.

Based on historical accounts.


Gritty Crime Drama

Two troubled cops must catch a serial male-rapist to prevent a homophobic backlash in an uptight testosterone-fuelled town.

Image by Tandem X Visuals


Supernatural comedy drama

A government monster hunter, his ghost wife, their half-demon temp and alcoholic boss battle demons, goblins and political fiends.

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